Nora Ephron's son on the honest writer's big secret

Jacob Bernstein explores why his famously forthcoming mother didn't publicly address the biggest crisis of her life.
Nora Ephron was famously open about everything. So why did she keep her serious blood disorder a secret? (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Nora Ephron, the prolific writer behind Heartburn and When Harry Met Sally, famously mined her own life for funny stories, including the hard stuff — like her divorce from Carl Bernstein.  She captured this tell-all ethos in a motto passed down from her parents: "everything is copy". 

Following her death, her own son Jacob Bernstein was left wondering: if his famously forthcoming mother really believed everything could inspire stories, why did she hide the most significant crisis of her life? 

Bernstein joins Shad to share how Ephron shaped him as a man and writer, why his family connection wasn't always helpful, and why he's calling attention to the life-threatening condition she kept secret. 

Jacob Bernstein on 'Everything is Copy', his HBO doc about his late mother Nora Ephron. (HBO/CBC)

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Everything Is Copy below.



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