Judy Blume on how adult secrecy fuelled her passion for frankness

The beloved YA author recalls incredible events that marked her young life, and how a lack of answers spurred her to invent her own.
At 77, Judy Blume isn't quite thinking about her legacy -- but she does know what she wants her tombstone to say. "Are you there God? It's me, Judy," she laughs. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

You may know Judy Blume as the beloved author behind children and tween classics like Freckle Juice and Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret​. The writer has been praised for her ability to channel the young mind — but her latest book breaks out of adolescence and follows the thread to adulthood. 

Blume says fans often ask what becomes of her young protagonists. "This time, I tell you," she says of her first adult novel in 17 years. 

In the Unlikely Event tells the story of a town grieving after a series of plane crashes. She joins Shad to discuss the real headlines that inspired the book, why she kept her personal connection hidden for so long, and how secretive adults prompted her to become more honest. 

WEB EXTRA | How well do you know Judy Blume? Can you identify her hometown (also the setting of her latest novel In The Unlikely Event) out of the list below? 

  •  Hillsborough, North Carolina
  •  Elizabeth, New Jersey
  •  Fort Myers Beach, Florida
  •  Huron, Ohio

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