VICELAND's Cyberwar: the future belongs to those who can hack it

Everyone is a potential target. VICE Reporter Ben Makuch digs deep into hacking culture in Viceland's new docuseries, Cyberwar.
The new Viceland TV series Cyberwar, hosted by Ben Makuch, is a timely look at the way digital information is vulnerable on every level. (VICE)

When you think of national security, do you picture tanks and foot soldiers? Well, it's time to update your files. 

Reporter Ben Makuch explores the digital frontlines of warfare, surveillance, and high-stakes hacking in the gripping new VICELAND docuseries, Cyberwar.

In the lead up to today's series launch, Makuch joins guest host Piya Chattopadhyay to discuss the ecosystem of cyberwarfare and how a new generation of threats may be evolving faster than our ability to control them. 

"A couple of guys in a basement who know what they're doing can really do a lot of damage," he says.