Former Bachelor producer taps Reality TV's secrets for 'UnREAL'

They say truth is stranger than fiction -- but what about fiction that hints at greater truths? Bachelor producer turned UnREAL creator weighs in.
Who's that behind the camera? UnREAL is a fictitious exploration of unseen drama of creating reality television. (Lifetime TV)

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro has seen what happens when the camera stops rolling. A former producer on The Bachelor, she's all too familiar with the messy process of making reality TV. Now Shapiro has funneled her insight into a new drama about the bigger picture.

UnREAL doesn't purport to be reality, but the fictional show may hint at larger truths. It follows the full cast of characters, including behind-the-scenes workers, in a Bachelor-style dating show. 

Shapiro joins Shad to discuss her fictional world's real counterpart, the ethics of manipulating people for entertainment, and why she compares UnREAL to "cotton candy with arsenic inside".