The xx discards expectations on new album I See You

British band The xx are back with their third album, I See You, and discuss how they've changed their sound and approach this time around.
The xx's new album, I See You, comes out Jan. 13, 2017. (Melody Lau/CBC)

"We're going to end up sounding like us whether we try or not," argues The xx's Oliver Sim. 

This was a lesson that the British band only learned after putting out two albums, but with their third release coming up, entitled I See You (out Jan. 13), the trio of Sim, Romi Croft and Jamie xx feel freer than ever to explore new sounds.

 "For the first record we had no idea there was ever going to be an audience, and for the second one, we were very aware," Sim says. "Primarily, what we've tried to do is make music, make the sounds that we want to hear [...] It's been quite liberating making this album."