Laura Jane Grace on transitioning and Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Grace opens up on her journey since coming out as transgender and having the courage to rock on.
Inge Johansson, James Bowman, Laura Jane Grace and Atom Willard (L to R) form the Florida band Against Me! (Ryan Russell)

The lead singer of Florida punk rock group Against Me!, wasn't sure how fans would react to her coming out as transgender, but in 2012 she knew it was time to stand before them as herself. 

Until that point they had known her as Tom Gabel but, in a lengthy Rolling Stone interview, she opened up about her gender dysphoria and introduced the world to Laura Jane Grace. 

In a candid and heartfelt conversation with Jian, Grace shares how her largely burly male fan base surprised her, how her band put together one of their most cohesive albums to date, and what she feels when she belts out the Transgender Dysphoria Blues. 

"This record is definitely my refuge, in a lot of ways," says Grace. 

Transgender Dysphoria Blues is without a doubt her most personal work to date, but she wants its impact to reach far beyond herself. 

"I hope it opens their minds," she says. "That's kind of the point of doing interviews and being visibily trans ... to make that something that's commonplace and make it a voice that's represented."

The album is out today.