Clover newsletter editors don't talk down to teen girls

How to flirt, what to wear and who to crush on. The founders of the feminist Clover newsletter think teenage girls deserve better.
How to be a better flirt, who to idolize, and how to stay on trend. The editors of Clover newsletter think teenage girls deserve better. (Clover)

There's no shortage of magazines telling girls how to flirt, what to wear and who to crush on.Β But the editors of Clover newsletter thinkΒ teenage girls deserve betterΒ β€” and they should know.

Casey Lewis, former senior online editor at Teen Vogue, andΒ LizaΒ Darwin, onceΒ senior editor at Nylon,Β got tired of the fluff routinely served up to girls.Β So the pair quit their jobsΒ to launchΒ Clover, aΒ feminist newsletter that filters for substance and relevance to young women.

Today they join Shad to discuss their project, its underpinnings, and the growing community of girls looking forΒ an antidote to clickbait culture.Β 

"The internet has an 'emptiness' that's especially harmful for teenage girls," says Lewis. "We thought, there's gotΒ to be a better way."Β 

WEB EXTRA | Want to read some of Clover's newsletters? Sign up here or browse their full catalogue, thus far, below.Β Β 

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