Priya's Shakti: Can this superhero help defeat sexual violence?

Priya is a rape survivor, and comic book protagonist, who's fighting gender-based sexual violence in India and around the world.

In India -- as in many places around the world -- women who experience race and sexual violence are too often stigmatized and unjustly shamed. But against that alarming backdrop, an unlikely new superhero has emerged. 

Priya, star of the new online comic Priya's Shakti, is a rape survivor and a warrior against gender-based sexual violence. The tiger-taming mortal, backed by the goddess Parvati, combats fear and stigma to spread her message of empathy and empowerment.

For insight on the context and Priya's change-making potential, guest host Rachel Giese checks in with Ram Devineni. The filmmaker and comic co-creator explains how Priya's story can help challenge misogynistic narratives in India and around the world.

Read the first issue of Priya's Shakti below.