Algorithms - helpful tool? Or enemy of exploration?

Writers Tom Vanderbilt and Ben Ratliff debate the merits and usefulness of using algorithms to find music.
Algorithms - harmless guides or killers of curiosity? (Bria John/CBC)

Today, q guest host PiyaChattopadhyay convenes a debate - be it resolved that algorithms are a helpful discovery tool. Or maybe they're enemies to creative exploration? Or maybe both? Ugh, it's complicated. 

That's why we've called in the experts!

Taking the affirmative is Tom Vanderbilt, writer of You May Also Like. For Vanderbilt a.k.a. busy person in 2016, algorithms eliminate the fear of empty search boxes.

Taking the negative is Ben Ratliff, writer of Every Song Ever. Being overwhelmed is a gift, according to Ratliff. Apparently it's the reason for living - "The task is to figure out what we want to look for."

Well, now that you've heard both sides, which one are you on?

WEB EXTRA | As mentioned on air, Forgotify puts the unsung (literally) songs of Spotify front and centre. 


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