'Dirty Daddy' Bob Saget on where hurt and humour meet

The longtime entertainer, known for his G-rated and R-rated sides, explores a different duality: the tragedy and comedy of life.

For over three decades, Bob Saget has made a career on a certain kind of duality. On one hand: the G-rated star of two of the biggest family TV shows of the 90s -- Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos. On the other: a whip smart stand-up comic, director and provocateur with a penchant for below the belt humour. 

But Saget doesn't see that duality as the most important in his life. 

In his new memoir -- Dirty Daddy: the Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian -- the entertainer explores a different duality: the tragedy and comedy of life. 

He joins Jian to reflect on the heart-breaking losses he's experienced throughout his journey, and why he's always found a place for humour in the darkness.

"The gallows humour is what pulled us all through," he said of his family's affinity for blue humour.

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