Schedule for Tuesday April 8

More on the show.

As Jian announced on air today, Q's next live event will be right in our very own city!Learn more about the live show at Toronto's Luminato festival.

Here's what we have on tap for you today:

  • In today's opening essay, Jian argues that in our apparently on on-demand world, TV fans still crave the sense of community that comes with a realtime, live event. 
  • Journalists Brendan Kelly and Marc Cassivi explore what yesterday's Quebec elections tell us about Quebec's culture, and French-English relations 
  • Comedian Bob Saget, on his memoir Dirty Daddy, about going from TV's favourite dad on Full House, to his career as an explicit comedian 
  • Startling images of perpetrators and victims together -- two decades after the Rwandan genocide -- are featured in a new photo series on display this month in The Hague, and later travelling to churches in the country. The work is commissioned by Rwanda's Creative Court, as part of Rwanda 20 Years, a project exploring the theme of forgiveness.