'Social disruptor' Scott Rogowsky reads ridiculous books in public

Comedian Scott Rogowsky is on a mission to disrupt your daily commute. He's breaking up your routine one fake book title at a time.
How do strangers react to startling books on the subway? Armed with a serious poker face, Scott Rogowsky investigates. (Scott Rogowsky/The Chortle)

Scott Rogowsky just loves messing with people. Armed with a serious poker face, the comedian recently discovered how strangers react to startling book titles. 

Rogowsky has ridden the New York subway reading fake books of his own invention, like: If I did it, How I would have done 9/11? by George Bush and Getting Away with Murder... for Dummies by Robert Durst.

Today he joins guest host Gill Deacon to share how people reacted, and how "social disruption" — antics designed to break open people's routines — differs from straight up pranking.

WEB EXTRA | Most of these titles are not safe for work — so how surprised would you be to see them on the commute to the office? 

(Please note: many of the titles contain explicit language.) 


A master class in social disruption 

Rogowsky's book experiment is just the latest in a series of head-turning hijinks. Rogowsky has also invaded people's private conversations with a giant boom mic, and accosted people in the park with a petition to end all petitions. 

He's also tried to convince strangers that their whole lives have been on a "hidden camera prank show."

q: Have you ever been messed with on the street? Or have you ever disrupted reality with your own antics? Tell us your story below. 


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