'Micropoet' Rupi Kaur nourishes readers with Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur's poetry was so popular on social media, especially among young women, that her self-published book became a bestseller.

"Like a damn hug." That's how poet and performer Rupi Kaur describes her first open mic event. 

Kaur had always been artistic — writing, drawing and taking photos from a young age — but her first experience on stage drew her toward spoken word and open-hearted engagement with an audience.

After a string of performances left her yearning to reach even more people, Kaur started experimenting online. Her work took off on social media, particularly among young women who recognized themselves in her work.

Kaur's poems, which sprouts up on sites like Instagram and Tumblr, is a blend of writing and drawing that she calls "design poetry."   

"So much of it is in how it looks visually to the reader, so I use only lower case," Kaur tells Shad, "I want to basically get rid of as many distractions as I can so that the reader can just pour themselves into the word — kind of like, the equality of the letters."

Her self-published a book of poetry, Milk and Honey, has been re-released by American publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing.