Orphan Black's Kristian Bruun proudly runs 'the gamut of masculinity'

Orphan Black fans will recognize Kristian Bruun as schlubby, suburban dad Donnie Hendrix — but there's a lot more to Donnie than a soft underbelly.
Kristian Bruun says he's happy to represent guys with "dadbod" but he stresses that mombods also deserve love. (Ben Jamieson/CBC)

Orphan Black fans will recognize Kristian Bruun as schlubby, suburban dad Donnie Hendrix — but there's a lot more to Donnie than a soft underbelly. 

His character, who stars opposite Tatiana Maslany as Alison, has become a fan favourite and a proud "purveyor of dadbod". 
Machismo is on its way out, says Orphan Black actor Kristian Bruun. He's happy to play a character who's comfortable taking cues from his wife. (Bell Media)

"For guys my size they're just happy to see someone on screen like that," he says. 

But Brunn has certainly run the gamut of masculinity, from "dadbod" to military boarding school ━ a place he credits for teaching him the art of comedy. 

"I quickly saw that those who had a sharp tongue and could diffuse a situation with humour would not only survive but be protected." 

Today he joins Shad to discuss how masculinity is depicted in 2016, and the deeper layers of Donnie. 

WEB EXTRA | As mentioned on air, here is the not-quite-safe-for-work twerking scene featuring Bruun and Maslany as a suburban married couple having quite a good day. 


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