Glen Hansard says "perfect songs" are a lot like prayers

Glen Hansard of Once, The Swell Season and The Frames joins Shad to preview his moving new record, Didn't He Ramble.

You may know Glen Hansard as lead singer and guitarist for The Frames, or half of the wildly-popular folk duo The Swell Season, or as the driving force behind Oscar and Tony-award winning musical Once

But today he's here in his most direct and essential form: as a solo artist. 

Hansard joins Shad to preview his moving and gritty new record Didn't He Ramble and to discuss the importance of positivity and vulnerability in his songwriting. He also shares why he didn't include the "most important" song in the album, how "perfect songs" resemble prayers, and how he feels about being known as "the dude that wrote Falling Slowly from Once".

Didn't He Ramble is set for release on September 18th. (But you can stream it now via CBC Music!)

Note: the audio posted here is an uncut, web-only version of the broadcast interview. 

WEB EXTRA | As mentioned on air, the video for Winning Streak — which features amateur boxers practicing — is something special. Watch it below. 

Glen Hansard, seen here performing at Bonnaroo 2008, joins Shad on q this Thursday. (Mark Humphrey/The Associated Press)
Once's Glen Hansard says he aims to craft "useful" songs that stand on their own, like sturdy chairs. (Ben Shannon/Eric, EJP Photo on Flickr CC)


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