How Marty McFly sent us on a futile quest for a hoverboard

Clive Thompson reflects on the impact of science fiction on innovation, and the state of hoverboard technology.
(Marta Iwanek/Canadian Press)

Marty McFly rode the holy grail of hover boards in Back To The Future: Part II — but how close are we, really, to futuristic floating bliss?

For insight, Shad checks in with q's tech watcher Clive Thompson about the impact of science fiction on technology, the real state of hover board innovation, and why today's predictions for tomorrow are increasingly unlikely. 

WEB EXTRA | If you really want to spend some time thinking about hover boards, hop on. Here's our lovingly curated list. 

First, for reference, here's the holy grail hover board scene from Back to the Future: Part II:

Tony Hawk Rides an old version of the Hendo Hoverboard. 
Tony Hawk rides a new version of the Hendo hoverboard
Bros "hoverboarding" to Justin Bieber music 

Omni Hoverboard in action. 
The Lexus Hoverboard in action. 

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