Colm Feore's villainous roles are all in his bone structure

The Gotham and Thor star takes on another villainous role in Mean Dreams.
Colm Feore plays a corrupt police chief in the new drama Mean Dreams. (Bria John/CBC)

Sometimes it feels good to be bad — just ask actor Colm Feore

The actor, who is best known for his villainous roles in Gotham, Spider-Man 2 and Thor, is a supremely versatile actor but has grabbed audiences with his penchant for playing the bad guy. He continues that streak with his latest role as a police chief in the new indie film, Mean Dreams

So what's his key to pulling off all these menacing roles? Feore reveals: "You go with the bone structure and sell what you can."

In Mean Dreams, Colm Feore plays a police chief who works alongside a corrupt cop played by Bill Paxton. (Elevation Pictures)

"I will say that playing guys who are damaged or a little bit different can be more interesting than being a hero," he continues. "Damaged people are dangerous. The less you reveal, the more interesting they become. It forces people to ask questions they don't normally ask."

At its core, Mean Dreams is a love story though. The film follows two young lovers, Jonas and Casey, who go on the run from Casey's violent father. While Feore doesn't get to play romantic roles much, he does draw a parallel between the two: "I play my villains as lovers."

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Mean Dreams below.


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