Dad rock: What's on Hayden's parental playlist?

Canadian folk-rock hero Hayden is also a father of two ... and music acts as a bridge between Dad and his children.
Toronto singer-songwriter Hayden shares songs that have helped him through the parenting process. (Christie Greyerbiehl)

Canadian folk-rock hero Hayden is also a father of two — and music acts as a bridge between dad and his children. 

In today's instalment of the q playlist series, Hayden joins Shad to share the songs that have helped him through the parenting process.

He also chats about his second annual all-star Dream Serenade concert at Toronto's Massey Hall — proceeds of which go to the Beverley School, a learning space for children with developmental and/or physical disabilities, which his daughter attends.

WEB EXTRA | Here, in order of sampling on air, are Hayden's song choices. 

No Happy Birthday by Hayden. A song he wrote for his daughter, Grey. "She makes a lot of people really happy." 


Don't Put Your Arms Around Me No More by Howie Beck, from his 2009 album How to Fall Down in Public


A kid-friendly spin on Joel Plaskett's Fashionable People. A favourite of Grey's. 


Fish and Mice by Holly Throsby. (Hayden loves that they don't play down the Australian accent.) 


Neil Young's Powderfinger. A song Hayden loves so much he covered it himself. 


Drake's Back to Back (clean version). Drake's diss track for Meek Mills has a very big (and very small) fan in Hayden's one-year-old son, Morris. 



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