Japanese disaster movie casts realistic robot

Geminoid F, the world's first android actress, is among the stars of a new Japanese nuclear disaster film, Sayonara.
Geminoid F is a robot modelled on a real woman in her 20s. (geminoid.jp)

She does press interviews, she's got her own IMDB page, and her resume includes stage acting — but Geminoid F is nothing like her fellow actors. For starters: she's an android. An incredibly realistic-looking one. 

Geminoid F is raising eyebrows with her starring role in the new Japanese nuclear disaster film Sayonara, which just premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival. 

For insight on this unusual casting decision, and what it might mean for the acting industry more generally, Shad checks in with Gizmodo staff writer Bryan Lufkin

WEB EXTRA | Want to see Geminoid F in action? Watch the two videos below. 



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