'Hanging out with friends you didn't know you had': Rush fans unite at RushCon

RushCon's creative director Jillian Maryanovich discusses the annual convention devoted to Rush and the new film about the band.
Rush's new concert documentary Time Stand Still hits theatres today.

Jillian Maryanovich went from pretending to like Rush to get close to a high school crush to running an annual convention devoted to the band. 

The creative director of RushCon, the roving convention that unites the online community of Rush fans in real life for a weekend-long Rush love-in, first met fellow fans on online message boards. From there, she volunteered to help organize the first RushCon.

Jillian Maryanovich is the creative director of RushCon, which will end its run this year.

The three-day event finds large groups of fans coming together to nerd out over the band by throwing parties, playing games such as "RushCon Against Humanity" (a take on Cards Against Humanity), and inviting guest speakers. Unfortunately, the band itself is not keen on this idea. 

"They've been very supportive but they're super private guys," Maryanovich admits. "And RushCon attracts a very engaged type of fan so there's a lot of excitement and heightened feelings." 

Last year it was revealed that Rush would stop touring and it appears that RushCon will follow the band's lead with what may be their last year of RushCon this year. "Without the band touring anymore, we're not sure we can draw as many people," Maryanovich explains. 

But fans will gather together this year to synch up with the release of Rush's new documentary, Time Stand Still. Maryanovich makes an appearance in the film, rallying fans together for the band's last show. 

One of the things that surprised and delighted Maryanovich the most about the film was its behind-the-scenes look at drummer Neil Peart. She adds, "We've never seen him talk about the immortality of himself and the band. Hearing him talk about the pain he goes through [...] It's so heartwarming and awakening as well." 

Time Stand Still will be screening in select theatres across Canada tonight.

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Time Stand Still below.

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