Gingger Shankar shines a spotlight on her mom and grandmother in new piece

Gingger Shankar's new multimedia documentary called Nari is about the lives and music of her mom and grandmother.
Musician Gingger Shankar's new documentary and performance piece, Nari, pays tribute to her mom Viji and her grandmother Lakshmi. (Olivia Pasquarelli/CBC)

Gingger Shankar's mom Viji once won a singing contest that landed her a record contract — but her family wouldn't let her record that album.

Instead, Viji was sent away to beauty school and even though her mother, Lakshmi was a singer, it wasn't a life she wanted for her daughter. Lakshmi would tell Viji, "I had to fight so hard to do what I did."

Gingger is now a musician though (Viji died when Gingger was young), and she is hoping to put the spotlight on the work of her mom and grandmother in a documentary and performance piece called Nari

"I feel like I'm carrying on what she didn't get to do," Gingger says, of her mom's lost album, which she started recording in her bedroom before her death. "As a tribute to her I felt it was important to tell that story." 

Gingger Shankar will be performing Nari as part of the Reel Asian International Film Festival in Toronto tonight at the Aga Khan Museum. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch Gingger Shankar perform her song "Radio" live below.


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