Anna Kendrick: 'I don't put a lot of stock in nice'

Anna Kendrick opens up about the dangers of being nice, following her own rules and dealing with fame in her new book, Scrappy Little Nobody.
Actress Anna Kendrick's new book, Scrappy Little Nobody, is a series of very candid confessional essays that tear back the layers of the Hollywood dream. (Simon & Shuster Canada)

"I'm not pleasant or obedient." 

Some may associate actress Anna Kendrick with an animated personality that we've seen in a role of hers, or her online persona and late-night television appearances, but she's quick to correct any assumptions. 

In her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, Kendrick shares a number of autobiographical essays about her life and as host Tom Power points out, one of the many themes that comes up is the idea of niceness. 

"Nice is a quality that is dangerous," she warns. "I think some people's definition of nice is obedient and when you have a problem, when you feel that someone is taking advantage of a situation and you feel that you're not allowed to say no because we've put the quality of niceness on such a pedestal, I think that's crappy."

Listen to the full interview to hear Kendrick discuss the role of humour in her life, the idea of staying grounded as a celebrity and how she has always followed her own set of rules. 


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