Nick Offerman on his 'stache-free life after Ron Swanson

Former Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman on how he deals with Ron Swanson fans — some of who recoil at his moustache-free face.
If you don't believe that Clark Kent "transformed" into Superman by removing his glasses, think of Nick Offerman without the famous 'stache that made him Ron Swanson. Details matter, friends. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Nick Offerman would like you to stop recoiling in horror when you see his moustache-free look. That is, after all, his actual face. 

The actor joins Shad to discuss the strange phenomenon of being treated like Ron Swanson in the real world. While his famously mustachioed, no-nonsense character on Parks and Recreation gets offered steaks slathered in lard, he has to apologize for being visible while clean-shaven. 

Offerman also shares his real views on masculinity and highlights from his new book Gumption, a look at 21 troublemakers that he considers his "favourite Americans."

WEB EXTRA | Watch two supercuts of Ron Swanson's best moments . Then, if you dare, check out a recent photo of Offerman below. 

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Actor Nick Offerman, who made the Ron Swanson moustache an institution, says people who see his real face sometimes have a hard time with it. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters)