The Singh Twins challenge 'west is best' art world attitude

The Singh Twins combine traditional 'Indian miniature' style of art with western iconography to comment on themes of identity, politics, and pop culture.

At a time when the art world was fixated on abstract works, Amrit and Rabindra Singh chose to embrace the ornate style of their Indian heritage.

"We term our work past modern as oppose to postmodern. You can have your traditional ideals and still be very modern," they tell Shad.    

The Singh Twins updated take on the complex style of Indian miniature paintings challenges the "west is best" attitudes that prevailed throughout their schooling. 

Amrit and Rabindra Singh

Their unique take on politics, power and identity has been exhibited at some of Britain's most prestigious galleries and toured all over the world.

Now the sisters — who dress the same, wear the same jewlery, and paint as one — are in Canada for a retrospective of their work at the Peel Art Gallery Museum in Brampton as a part of Sikh Heritage Month.

WEB EXTRA | New to The Singh Twins stunning work? See a sample of images, posted with permission of the artists, below. 

Princess Diana. (Singh Twins)
The Greatest (Singh Twins)
"Art Matters" was started in 2007 with months of research - it took almost a year to complete. (Singh Twins)
Partners in Crime (Singh Twins)
Nineteen Eighty-Four (Singh Twins)
EnTWINed (Singh Twins)
The Beast of Revelation by Amrit and Rabindra Singh, also known as The Singh Twins. (Amrit and Rabindra Singh)


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