Marilynne Robinson says Trump is a 'blot' on America

Marilynne Robinson joins Shad to discuss what it is to be an American today and looking for grace in a society that prioritises anything but.
Marilynne Robinson's recent collection of essays examine the American way of life — and even the president wants to know what she thinks. (Dylan Martinez/Reuters)

Marilynne Robinson is looking for grace in a society that prioritises anything but, however, she thinks what's happening in American culture right now is essential for progress.

"It is important for us to live through disturbances that allow us to understand our situation better," she tells Shad.

Part of these disturbances, she argues, include the rise of Donald Trump, as well as the unprecedented grip that fear now has on American culture. 

"There are people that have grounds for fear. There are people that don't know how they will retire, or whether they can educate their children, or whether they can keep their house. But there are lots of people, I think, for whom fear is a hobby," she says.

But Robinson has a way of looking to the good, which she says goes largely ignored in the media and by much of society.

"They've been incredibly indoctrinated with the idea that we never do things that are gracious and fruitful."

WEB EXTRA |  Grace is "a sweet energy" and "another resource," says Marilynne Robinson. We gracelessly cut this from Shad's interview with the Pulitzer Prize winning writer (simply because we ran out of time!) but we excerpt it here for you. Here's Marilynne Robinson on grace:
Grace is "a sweet energy" and "another resource," says Marilynne Robinson. 1:26