#QtheFuture: Shad guest hosts

Shadrach Kabango, better known as Shad, takes Q through to the end of January.

Shadrach Kabango, better known as Shad, takes over the host chair from Jan. 26 - 30. No stranger to the microphone, Shad is a Juno Award-winning rapper and three-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee. Shad has roots in many places: he was born in Kenya to Rwandan parents, raised in London, Ontario, and is now rooted in Toronto and Vancouver.

Shad holds a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a master's degree in liberal studies from Simon Fraser University. His sharp intellect is evident in his witty, often philosophical lyrics. He raps about everything from his Rwandan heritage to how much he's learned from women. 

Pitchfork has described Shad as an artist who is "spiritual without being preachy, righteous without being self-righteous, and human without sounding mundane." 

Listen to Shad introduce himself on Q and share his list of dream guests.

Not familiar with Shad's music? Find two songs from his most recent album Flying Colours below. 

♫ From donated clothes, to caps and gowns
It's a little shout to my black and brown
Folks that know the game, not in class to clown
Had the funny accent, look who's laughing now

♫ But this ain't a race to win it's a run to finish
And as long as I got breath in my lungs to end it
The enemy isn't the flesh and blood thugs and cynics
We fighting fear and pride for the love within us





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