Canadian expat Tami Neilson brings old country from New Zealand

The winner of four Tui Awards - New Zealand's answer to the Grammys - performs from her 2014 album Dynamite!, which has just been released in Canada.
Canadian expat Tami Neilson brings her band around studio q to perform "Cry Over You" from her 2014 album "Dynamite!". 3:30

Canadian musicians often head off to other countries to kickstart their careers. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell went to the States. Peaches decamped to Berlin. Feist discovered fame in France.

Tami Neilson is part of that expat train, except she's travelled further than most. 

Canadian expat Tami Neilson brings her band around studio q to perform "Texas" from her 2015 album "Dynamite!". 2:08

She grew up touring across Canada as a member of a country group, The Neilson Family. But a decade ago, she relocated to New Zealand. Since then, she's become a Kiwi country-music sensation, winning four Tui Awards — New Zealand's answer to the Grammys.

But audiences in Canada are still playing catch-up. Her 2014 independent effort, Dynamite!, has been given a proper release here through Outside Music. Today she joins Shad in studio q to perform from the album.

Tami Neilson delivers a stunning performance of "Walk (Back to Your Arms)" from her record "Dynamite!" in Studio q. 3:07
(Bria John/CBC)


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