Hell yeah, he earned it. Meet the Weeknd's Canadian songwriter Stephan Moccio

Grammy and Oscar-nominated producer Stephan Moccio on his winning pop formula, and working with stars like Miley Cyrus and the Weeknd.
Grammy and Oscar-nominated producer Stephan Moccio on his winning pop formula, and working with stars like the Weeknd. (StephanMoccio.com)

Want to hear what Wrecking Ball sounded like before Miley Cyrus rode it to the top of the charts? Or what The Weeknd's really like in person? Check in with the man on the piano, Stephan Moccio.

The producer, pianist and pride of St. Catharines, Ontario gave Cyrus the transformative moment that was Wrecking Ball, and he's one of the songwriters behind the Weeknd's monster hit Earned It. The latter has earned him Grammy and Oscar nominations this year. 

Today, Maccio joins Shad to kick off The Hit Makers, our new series about the minds behind the music. He sheds light on the unpredictable creative process and shares memorable stories from behind the scenes. 

WEB EXTRA | Now that you know Moccio's role in creating the following hit songs, why not watch them again with new eyes? (Please note that the videos for Earned It and Wrecking Ball contain sexually-charged imagery.) 

This segment is part of q's new series, The Hit Makers. With it we reveal the creative minds behind the songs you know and the surprising ways pop music gets put together today. We talk to the Grammy-winning producers, chart-topping songwriters, rising young beat-makers, top-liners and hook-writers who contribute key ingredients to today's hit songs. 


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