Do cats have their own taste in music?

Accomplished composer and researcher David Teie explains his interest in species-specific music, and the sound he's developed for cats.
q producer Chris Berube plays cat music for Acorn, a young cat who lives at TOT: the Cat Cafe. Big thanks to TOT staffers Karine and Alice. (Chris Berube/CBC)

What kind of music do cats like? 

The question is no joke to David Teie, who is working on a theory of universal music. The accomplished composer, cellist, conductor and researcher joins Shad to discuss his serious research into species-specific musical preferences.

He explains his approach to writing for animals, how he measures their responses, and the difficulty of creating sounds that are pleasant to all species. 

Plus, q producer Chris Berube visits Toronto's first cat cafe with some of Teie's most kickin' kitty tracks. 

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Music designed specifically for cats, by David Teie.
Music designed specifically for cats, by David Teie.
Sample music designed specifically for cats, by David Teie