'It's about kindness': the inspiring heart of the Broadway-bound Come From Away

The cast of Come From Away stop by the q studio to perform and to discuss the hopeful message behind their musical.
The musical Come From Away is the latest in a short list of Canadian theatre production to make a splash on Broadway. (Matthew Murphy)

Last month, Tom Power spoke to actress Petrina Bromley who stars in the Broadway-bound musical, Come From Away. In the interview, Bromley spoke of the musical's generous spirit as it tells the story of the people of Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11 and how they welcomed stranded passengers into their hearts and homes. 

"It's a story of a life affirming event coming out of something incredibly dark," she said. "The idea that people who are strangers from another place can come somewhere and be greeted with open arms and accepted into the community — I think that's a story that people want to believe can happen because we see so much of the opposite of that in the news. It reminds people that there is goodness somewhere in all of us if we just rise to the occasion when it's needed." 

Before Come From Away makes its Broadway debut, they're making a stop at Toronto's Royal Alexander Theatre — a the q studio. The cast of the show stopped by q to perform songs from the musical and to talk more about the show's hopeful message.

"The story appeals to everybody especially in the times that we find ourselves in now," Bromley says now. "It's about kindness, and it's about acceptance of others and acceptance of difference which is something that we're sadly lacking in the world, in general, these days." 

Below is a list of all the cast members and musicians who performed live at q.


Petrina Bromley   
Geno Carr           
Jenn Colella
Joel Hatch
Rodney Hicks               
Kendra Kasselbaum
Tony Lepage
Lee MacDougall
Caesar Samayoa
Q. Smith
Sharon Wheatley   
Astrid Van Wieren       


Alec Berlin   
Carl Carter   
Romano Di Nillo     
Larry Lelli   
Nate Lueck     
Ben Power         
Caitlin Warbelow 
Ian Eisendrath