Journalist vs. Juiceboxxx: Can the world be divided into geniuses and critics?

A conventionally successful journalist and an obscure rock rapper. Who would you assume is the envy of the other?
For journalist Leon Neyfakh, Juiceboxxx is the embodiment of freedom and the creative life. (Juiceboxxx.com)

Picture two men who knew each other as teens: conventionally successful journalist Leon Neyfakh and obscure rock rapper Juiceboxxx. Who would you assume is the envy of the other? 

If you guessed that Juiceboxxx comes out on top, you're right. Neyfakh chronicles his admiration for his friend in his memoir The Next Next Level: A story of rap, friendship and almost giving up. The book traces Neyfakh's unlikely bond with the energetic entertainer and how it challenged his definition of a life well-lived.

q: So, who's your Juiceboxxx? Is there someone out there you see as your mirror, reflecting back your own unlived life? What if the person you admire tells you you've got them all wrong?

Is there someone you sort of want to be? What if they told you that you have them all wrong?

WEB EXTRA | Juiceboxxx says his musical impulse is like a chip in his brain that makes him do what he does. For the uninitiated, here's a playlist put together by Juiceboxxx fans at The Gist