How not to be a jerk about sharing vacation photos

Etiquette expert Henry Alford says he wants to see three photos, tops, of your happy place.
Oh you know, we're just out here exploring surreal Icelandic landscapes. How was your day? (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

Oh, the fading days of summer. The nights are getting a little cooler, the days are getting a little shorter — and to top it all off, you're probably not staring at a beautiful waterfall in Iceland.

(Unless you are. In which case: why are you reading this?)  

As other people's vacation photos flood our social media feeds, etiquette expert Henry Alford would like to issue a few public service announcements, including: 

  • "You are allowed three pictures of your happy place." Because we don't need to see 30 pictures of you eating carnival food with your cool aunt. 
  • "Keep it real." That strawberry field is probably pretty nice — but those berries can't possibly be that red. Maybe cool it with the filters. 
  • Your summer doesn't have to be more "artisanal" than all other summers. No need to strap on a sarong, or eat every meal off a stick. 

Alford is the author of Would It Kill You To Stop Doing That? and a recent New York Times piece called The Tyranny of Other People's Vacation Photos


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