Fred Penner to 'Fred Heads': Don't forget the child inside

Beloved children's entertainer Fred Penner on his return to the spotlight, and how he's changing his act for his now grown-up fanbase.
Beloved children's entertainer Fred Penner is back in the spotlight. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

It's been years since Fred Penner thrilled Canadian kids with the magical world of Fred Penner's Place, but the former TV host still has a loyal following. 

Penner joins guest host Talia Schlanger to discuss his recent resurgence and why he still draws a crowd. The bearded entertainer is not only hosting this year's Polaris Prize gala, but also packing shows on the campus circuit and playing a bizarro version of himself in the new web comedy, The Plateaus.  

INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHT | Remember when Penner used to define words for kids? Now that his fans are grown up, word bird has brought him some tougher terms submitted by q listeners! 

Plus, watch the classic introduction to Fred Penner's Place, which first aired in 1985, below. 


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