Oliver Stone on "boy scout"-like Edward Snowden

Three years after Edward Snowden entered the public conscious, Oliver Stone examines his life and motivations in new film.
Candy talks to iconoclastic American filmmaker Oliver Stone about Snowden — a feature drama about the polarizing case of National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) and his decision to leaks thousands of classified documents. The director is in town for the Toronto International Film Festival. 12:54

Whistleblower or subversive? Traitor or patriot?

It's been three years since Edward Snowden burst the NSA bubble but the public still doesn't know what to make of him. 

Enter Oliver Stone. He's familiar with telling the stories of complex historical figures (George W. Bush, JFK etc).

"He's like a boy scout," Stone says of Snowden. "He's got a conscience." 

Even after facing rejection from many American studios, Oliver feels there was almost an inevitability to the film getting made. 

"This movie's time has come. It has to be made." 

He joins guest host Candy Palmater in studio to talk about his new film Snowden, in which he examines the polarizing figure and the function of patriotism.  

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Snowden, an official selection of TIFF 2016, below. 


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