Mohawk Girls brings Indigenous female perspectives to TV

APTN's dramedy Mohawk Girls returns for its fourth season.

"It's a wonderful time right now for Aboriginal people in film and television." 

Director Tracey Deer is visibly excited as she says that, partly because her show Mohawk Girls on APTN is one of those shows at the forefront of bringing Indigeneous experiences onscreen. 

The show she co-created returns for its fourth season tomorrow night and even though the show is now established, Deer and cast member Brittany LeBorgne still feel extremely proud of what they've achieved. 

"I didn't know any native people who were doing this," she says, of people in her community pursuing entertainment. "But I said, I'm going to make it happen and I'm going to prove you wrong." 

LeBorgne adds: "It was just an impossible dream." 

Four seasons in, that dream is definitely now a reality.

WEB EXTRA | Watch a teaser for season 4 of Mohawk Girls.