Veep star Tony Hale on satirizing politics in the age of Trump

Tony Hale on playing personal assistant and punching bag to Julia Louis Dreyfus' character, Selina Meyer.
Tony Hale plays loyal personal assistant (and punching bag) to Julia Louis Dreyfus' character Selina Meyer. (Patrick Harbron/The Associated Press)

Bumbling men with mommy issues — Tony Hale is really good at playing them on TV. The actor first hit it big as Buster, the forever frazzled Bluth brother, in Arrested Development. Now his nervous portrayal of Gary Walsh, the personal assistant and punching bag to Julia Louis Dreyfus' character on Veep, has become a fan favourite. 

"It kind of freaks me out how naturally these characters came to me," he tells guest host Gill Deacon, chuckling. "I don't know what that says about me." 

Today Hale reflects on the Emmy award-winning political satire Veep, and how it fares against the very real but often surreal-seeming U.S. presidential race. 

"If the writers came to us with these scenarios we'd say 'no one's gonna believe that. That's too much'," says Hale, adding that CNN seems to be running its own political comedy. 

The actor also reflects on how his Christian faith factors into his work, and talks about the experience of lending his support on Capitol Hill for a bill to fight human trafficking. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch the Season 5 trailer for Veep below. (Please note: the clip contains sexual references.) 



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