Scaachi Koul shares barefaced truth about going makeup free

We asked q social experiment columnist Scaachi Koul to forego cosmetic interventions for a week.
Scaachi says her usual face is "expensive and time consuming". Hear what happened when she ditched makeup for a week. (Scaachi Koul )

"What horrible thing happened to your face?" That's what q contributor Scaachi Koul expected to hear during her week-long stab at remaining makeup free. Our intrepid experimenter's latest challenge was partly inspired by Amy Schumer's comedic song Girl, You Don't Need Makeup.

She shares the surprising thing she learned during her foray into a fresh-faced existence. 

♫ Girl, you don't need makeup.
You're perfect when you wake up.
Just don't go outside like that, OK?

q: Are you with Amy Schumer — that is, that people say you don't need makeup until they see you without it? Or do you agree with Scaachi that people barely notice or care what you do to your face?