Ultra Rich Asian Girls as 'representative' as Honey Boo Boo, says creator

Show creator Kevin K Li and season 2 star Pam Zhao on what Ultra Rich Asian Girls can teach us about the lives of the super rich.
Pam Zhao, far left, and Weymi Cho (centre left), are former cast members of the online web reality show "Ultra Rich Asians" (William Luk/Ultra Rich Asian Girls)

Whether keeping up with the Kardashians or relaxing with the Real Housewives, reality television audiences have flocked toward rich people and their rich people problems.

Now Ultra Rich Asian Girls — a popular web series based in Vancouver — is tapping into that demand.

The controversial show profiles the daughters of affluent, Mandarin-speaking Chinese Canadians. Creator Kevin Li says he wants to shed light on a new demographic of newcomers, but his portrayals have also been criticized for playing into stereotypes. 

He and Season 2 cast member Pam Zhao join guest host Piya Chattopadhyay to discuss the show's purpose, and why people both love and hate to watch the lives of the super wealthy. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch the season two teaser for Ultra Rich Asian Girls and tell us: have you ever watched a show about the ultra rich? Did you tune in to relate — or hate? 

Ultra Rich Asian Girls: they're "just like us". You know, if we had personal assistants and 30K allowances. (William Luk/Ultra Rich Asian Girls)


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