Brazil's bossa nova king Sergio Mendes on making Magic

Bossa nova trailblazer Sergio Mendes on his storied career and latest album, Magic.

Guest host Brent Bambury speaks with the man who helped put Brazil's sound in the international spotlight: bossa nova king, Sergio Mendes.

Mendes's music has always combined the traditional music of his country with American influences, and that's still the case on his latest album, Magic, which sees him collaborating with younger musicians like singer John Legend, Justin Timberlake and will.i.am from the Black-Eyed Peas.

Despite being a music industry veteran with many hits to his name, Mendes tells Bambury he still feels a "little, wonderful, anxiety" when making a new record. He also speaks fondly of intergenerational collaboration, and working with will.i.am -- a longtime fan of Brazilian music.

"I thought it was a great chemistry between the two of us. I am very curious, and he is very curious, and I think that curiosity brings people together. Of course, it's a totally different generation, which I love - different background and everything else - but you know, it's magic."

Here they are performing together in 2009:

This interview is part of a special series timed to coincide with the FIFA World Cup -- Q Brazil: Culture, Politics and the World Cup -- which features interviews and performances with artists, thinkers, and observers of the large and fascinating South American nation.


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