Shakina Nayfack says Orlando adds urgency to subversive art

Actress Shakina Nayfack found herself at a candlelit vigil during her Manifest Pussy tour, making her pro LGBT message "more real, and more urgent."
Shakina Nayfack poses in the men's washroom at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Shakina Nayfack/Instagram)

While touring her one-woman show Manifest Pussy through North Carolina, Shakina Nayfack got word of the mass shooting targeting LGBT people in Orlando. 

The Lilly Award winning actress soon found herself at a candlelight vigil, in a state that forbids her from using the women's restroom. Suddenly her subversive stage show, which aims to celebrate the existence of trans women, became "more real, and more urgent."

Nayfack is among the many affected by the passing of House Bill 2 — popularly known as the "bathroom bill" — which dictates that transgender people must use only the restrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate.

The artist joins guest host Gill Deacon to share why she wanted to visit and perform in the state, instead of boycotting it as many other artists have opted to do. She also shares how she's changed her show in response to Sunday's shooting.

"What happened in Orlando just makes what I'm doing feel more relevant and more urgent," says Nayfack. "I just thought, how many more candlelight vigils am I going to have to go to? That's why I'm doing this show."