Hawksley Workman unleashes Old Cheetah in studio q

Prolific singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman performs three songs from his new solo record — his 15th studio album.
Hawksley Workman performs three songs from his new solo record, Old Cheetah. (Six Shooter Records)

Singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman swings by studio q to perform from his new, largely improvised solo album, Old Cheetah — its title a nod the mythology of the rock 'n' roll musician as a virile creature, and what happens to him when he gets older and (hopefully) wiser.

He also sits down with Shad to discuss the pros and cons of getting "music business old" (or at least old enough that you can't fudge your age anymore), how he overcame his career malaise with some help from his Canadian superband Mounties, and why desperation has never let him down. 

"I can sort of see my musical self as this salivating bear that's running through the woods. I'm just trying to keep up with it," he says about his impulsive creative process.

Hawksley Workman, second from left, and his band pose with Shad at studio q. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)