Best of Q: Jazz great Sheila Jordan on risks worth taking

Best of Q: American jazz and bebop legend Sheila Jordan shares her incredible story.

In an interview from The Best of Q, American jazz and bebop legend Sheila Jordan joins Jian to discuss her storied career and roller-coaster life. Jordan experienced a poor upbringing and social stigmatization, yet rose up from her circumstances to perform with some of the most respected names in the jazz world.

At 85, she has more than 20 records to her name, the title of Jazz Master from the National Endowment for the Arts, and continues to perform and teach jazz vocals to young singers.

"Music, to me, is like food; it's like sleep; it's just become such a part of my life," she said. "If I lost the music, I would be devastated. I would truly be devastated. It would be like losing part of my soul." 

Behind-the-scenes with Sheila 

Jordan pauses in the hallways of CBC headquarters to deliver a special little bebop bonus. Her energy was infectious, and she left the Q crew positively charmed.