Vancouver property owner to Pokemon Go users: 'get a life'

q news correspondent Mitch Pollock scans the latest arts and entertainment headlines to keep you in the know.
A lot of the Pokémon characters like to hang out near churches and cultural institutions. This Eevee was waiting at the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Outremont. (Elysha Enos/CBC)

q news correspondent Mitch Pollock scans the latest arts and entertainment headlines to keep you in the know.

  • You may know that Guns N' Roses made their triumphant return to Toronto this weekend — but did you know it almost didn't happen? 
  • No more contraband Pokemon Go in Canada. You can finally, legally download the wildly popular app— and so many people did this weekend that servers everywhere were crashing. Also, this sign from a Vancouver property owner is too good not to share.     

    This is a PRIVATE yard, for Tenants of this building only, NOTfor Pokemon chasing.




    This Whole Pokemon Hunt Is by far the Stupidest Thing I have ever Seen, and I have lived through:


    - Hammer Pants;
    - Crystal Pepsi;
    - Trickle-Down Economics;
    - the First-Past-The-Post Electoral System;
    - People Taking Jean Chretien Seriously;
    - the Macarena;
    - the "Will-Ennium",
    - the Presidency of George W. Bush; and
    - ten Seasons of CSI: Miami.


    There is a Bar up the street and around the Corner. Go there, Have a Beer, and seriously think about your life choices.


  • The punk world lost one of it's founding fathers. Alan Vega, leader of the band Suicide, has died. 


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