A Montreal legend comes to life in the animated short film The Chaperone

Fraser Munden tells the true story of a Montreal school teacher who single-handedly dismantled an entire biker gang.
Animated short film The Chaperone directed by Fraser Munden. (Film Still from Thoroughbread Pictures)

"Ralph Whims was one of the first Black school teachers in English Montreal's school system and he was my dad's elementary school teacher," says Fraser Munden. Munden is the director of the animated short film The Chaperone, which brings a unique urban folk tale to the screen. The film follows Mr. Whims as he takes on a biker gang that's crashing a school dance. What happens next is straight out of an action flick. "It's a story of a guy ramming his fists repeatedly into different people's skulls as he pontificates about how you approach gang warfare," explains Munden. 

"My father told the story so vividly," the director says, "but my dad actually wasn't there. My dad just heard it secondhand from Ralph." It's no surprise that Whims shared this story with his students. Munden paints the teacher as a comforting source of security and a force to be reckoned with.

"People like that classic story of the sheriff beating up the outlaws," admits Munden. After all, who doesn't like when justice is served?

WEB EXTRA | Watch The Chaperone below.