Sandra Shamas explores life after 50 in her show The Big 'What Now?'

The comedian looks at the intersections of aging as a woman and cultural expectations in her latest stage performance.
Comedian Sandra Shamas's stage performance The Big 'What Now?' is on at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. (Mark Jewusiak)

We face many different kinds of pressures as we go through life, but the expectations associated with aging shouldn't slow us down. That's why comedian Sandra Shamas thinks the world shouldn't tell her who to be. Shamas explores this notion, alongside what it means to age as a woman in her newest show The Big 'What Now?'.

Comedian Sandra Shamas in studio q. (Olivia Pasquarelli)

"This is the intersection of many things," says the comedian. Through her show, she looks at aging, how culture can dictate our actions, and her own perception of these expectations. The Big 'What Now?' is a way for her to tell her truth. "It's the distillation of my experience and what it tells me," says Shamas.

For now, the comedian wants to keep pushing boundaries through her work and when her time is up, Shamas says, "I'd like to go out like a supernova."

The Big 'What Now?' is on until February 5 at the Harbourfront Centre. Find show listings here.