Why Aidan Knight should be better known in Canada

West Coast singer-songwriter Aidan Knight is being celebrated overseas. So why the lack of love on home turf?
Aidan Knight and his band are in Studio q for a special performance of "Funeral Singers" from his forthcoming record "Each Other". 5:08

West Coast singer-songwriter Aidan Knight swings through studio q to preview two songs — All Clear and Funeral Singers — from his new album, Each Other.

He also joins guest host Tom Power to discuss what it's like to find more success overseas than on home turf.

Knight went from having a big league record deal with David Foster to leaving his band to go it alone.

Aidan Knight is joined by his musical accomplices in studio q to perform "All Clear" from his forthcoming record "Each Other". 3:29

"It's hard to know what drives creativity sometimes but ... you have an idea that you think could really turn into something and ... you see it reflected in other people."

Knight also explains how the last decade of his life has been like a research period — replete with lessons for his fresh start in Europe. 

WEB EXTRA | Our friends at CBC Music are streaming Aidan's new album until January 22.

Aidan Knight's is set to release his third full length record, Each Other, on January 22. (Brian Van Wyk)


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