Q debate: Is "vaping" e-cigarettes a good way to quit smoking?

It's high season for new year's resolutions and high time for a debate on electronic cigarettes.
Some analysts project that e-cigarettes will outsell regular cigarettes within a decade. (Ashley Smith/Times-News/AP)

The first full week of the new year has begun and, surely, some smokers who resolved to quit have already bowed to temptation. So, should those committed to butting out for good consider including electronic cigarettes in their game plan?

Guest host Terry O'Reilly moderates a Q debate on e-cigarettes, battery-operated cigarette replicas sold as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The vapour-emitting cartridges aren't always tightly regulated, and remain controversial among health experts, but proponents argue that they hold a lot of promise as harm reduction devices.

Meet your debaters ... 

  • Arguing against the e-cigarette: Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, deputy editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
  • Arguing for the e-cigarette: Amy Fairchild, Columbia University professor at the Mailman School of Public Health

Listen to the debate and tell us: has Stanbrook convinced you that "vaping" is a red herring on the road to a smoke-free existence? Or did Fairchild light up your enthusiasm for the devices?