Sam Roberts starts a new chapter with TerraForm

The Canadian rock band returns with their sixth studio album

Sam Roberts would much rather look forward than reflect on his past — at least, that's how his band is able to continue making music 15 years into his career. 

TerraForm is Roberts' sixth record, and yet another new chapter for the Canadian rock musician. 

Sam Roberts stopped by Studio q to perform songs from his new album, Terraform. (Cathy Irving/CBC)

On the unifying theme of the album, Roberts reveals: "It was very much about the parts of life, feeling broken at times but always sort of coming to the realization that there's a chance to renew, a chance to reinvent, a chance to start over; that you're never broken to the point where you can't begin again." 

With so much experience under his belt by now, Roberts has learned to work without fear of going down the wrong path and is now able to trust his instincts. 

"Does it make you feel good?" he says, of his inner songwriting dialogue. "If it makes you feel good, well pursue it a little bit further and see what doors it opens."