The return of Gilmore Girls: does the miniseries live up to the hype?

Gilmore Girls is back! Writer Zoe Whittall has binge-watched the show, back in miniseries form, and is here to tell us how the new episodes compare to the early 2000s cult favourite TV series.
Gilmore Girls returns as a four-episode miniseries on Netflix today. (Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

Get ready for a return to Stars Hollow! 

Almost a decade after the cult TV hit Gilmore Girls went off the air, it's back. Fans will see the return their favourite mother-daughter duo in a new four-part series on Netflix out today. (Nicely timed for Americans to binge-watch over Thanksgiving weekend.) 

Gilmore Girls super fan Zoe Whittall, whose book The Best Kind of People also happens to have been a Giller Prize finalist this year, binge-watched three of the four episodes already and her verdict? Totally binge-worthy. 

She notes that the new series is "at its heart, a love letter to the cult fans," saturated with references and nuggets for fans to pick up on. Of the original seven seasons, she explains that the show was "one of the most literary shows" on television and even a "balm for everything that's wrong in the world." 

But, an important update of the show is its correction of problematic tones present in the early 2000s hit. She assures, "It's a little more progressive than it used to be."


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