Bob Ezrin thinks American composer Philip Glass is the right choice for the Glenn Gould Prize

Bob Ezrin discusses American composer Philip Glass' music and ingenuity as Glass is honoured as the 2015 recipient of the Glenn Gould Prize this weekend in Ottawa.
Bob Ezrin celebrates his award for Producer of the Year at the JUNO Gala dinner in Calgary, Saturday, April 2, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward)

"It went from the sublime to the ridiculous. There was Glenn Gould one month and then the next month there was Alice Cooper, Dr. John, and Lou Reed," says Bob Ezrin on moving into Glenn Gould's former Toronto home. Ezrin, a Canadian music producer, is known for his work on records like The Wall by Pink Floyd and School's Out by Alice Cooper. But he became a fan of Gould's music through his parents. "My parents were very classical with a capital C," explains Ezrin. His mother was a concert pianist too nervous to play live so she played for him instead.

Bob Ezrin with Tom Power in studio q (Olivia Pasquarelli)

This weekend American composer Philip Glass is being honoured as the 2015 recipient of the Glenn Gould Prize. Ezrin says much like Gould, Glass was a true innovator. Gould was the first classical musician to recognize "the studio as an instrument" bringing the Bach to the masses through recordings, explains Ezrin. Similarly, Glass "developed a language, this way of playing and this way of writing that took one kind of musical motion and repeated it over and over again," popularizing classical music and laying the groundwork for how modern music is being made today.

Ezrin says Glass "created a vocabulary for music people" and he makes a great choice for the Glenn Gould Prize.


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